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SudokuPretty puzzling. A free and offline Sudoku app.Presenting you a modern and rethought Sudoku design. By removing excessive details from the screen, we managed to create a fresh and clean look for the puzzle that we all loveat the same time sustaining intuitive gameplay and customization.

The user interface is minimal and faststarting a new Sudoku or continuing right where you left off is just one click away. There are no loading screens. What is more, you do not have to worry about not finishing a Sudoku. If you are in a hurry, just hit back or leave the app in any other way and the app takes care of saving your progress seamlessly.

Play Sudoku and feel beautiful.

This for all difficulty levels separately.So there you have it. Choose your favorite colors and begin your smoothest and most elegant journey through endless amount of Sudoku puzzles!Oh, and hopefully you love gimmicks. Changing the colors of the UI is not only available during the solving of Sudokuyou can do it literally from anywhere within the app.

Highlighted featuresSelecting themes during gameplayClean look and feelMore featuresInput modes cell first and digit firstwithout togglingPencil marks (with automatic removal)5 difficulty levelsTop timesWorks offlineDigit highlightingCount of remaining digitsAutomatic savingUndoBoard validationOptional aidsEdge to edge boardSatisfying animationsSwitch on and off themesWhat to wait forMore themesFix for vertically longer screensEnjoy.EULA http// Policy http//

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best version on the app store by far. runs well, i love the seperate options \u0026 how you can customize the colors. it also keeps track of your scores. extreme is actually challenging \u0026 you can expect to have your brian hurt ) (also a tip, if you want to play w/o ad interruptions put your phone on airplane mode)

This has the most intuitive interface of any Sudoku I've played, and it's customizable with colours - so any mistakes I make are definitely my calculations, not the fault of the app! I love it!

This game is the best Sudoku game out there. The colors in themes fit each other perfectly. The effects when you make a move are really satisfying. There are ads, but the best part is, they will not interrupt while your playing. So, yeah, this game is awesome!

This App is great but it has to keep a statistic of the games played and time averages in the next update. I also completed a puzzle that was correct but I didnt win so i get the puzzle but I was puzzled by the result. I had a streak going to. Wish I could upload a screenshot.

Addicted to kill times. But i gives review now bcause there is annoying music kept playing n even though i went to home screen, it kept playing. The music is just a fun instrument but it kept on going and going even though i go to my home screen. Only stop when i deleted the app's page from recent app button

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