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Offline Games are your best choice for games that you can play anywhere and anytime.

With Sudoku, you will enjoy the best mind game, with lots of levels, one of the best Sudokus for Android.

Enjoy Offline Games, try this Sudoku!

In Sudoku, you will find custom games, daily games, stats, trophy's and challenges.

From easy to hard, you can play as you desire.This new game can be considered a mind game and a brain game, and it will boost your logical thinking and your memory .Off course is an offline game, so you can play the game without wifi.It's 100% free, Play Now!

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Sudoku - Offline Games user reviews

Heavy on phone's resources, but also heavy on the brain. The ONLY game I have on my phone for so long. Very nice! 😀

Excellent. This is the #1 of Sudoku. I paid for it too, it's so good. Starts off easy, progressively gets more and more difficult to solve. For a real challenge, here it is.

Very good as sudoku goes. This isn't annoying with number placement. Allows you to be quick on the choice.

Its a very good game. I am enjoying it too much. Now in my mind, if someone ask me that what is the best game I should play? I would reply that \play SUDOKU game

What I like about this app is that it doesn't close the game after three errors. Highly recommended.

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