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The game of Sudoku has never been this entertaining

Got a minute? Do a Sudoku! This ever entertaining game has just got a huge make over.Enjoy neverending supply of puzzles, make the game just as hard as you want and use lots of super handy features Hints and error highlightinguse it or play hard Making notes and applying strategies has never been easier Puzzles of any difficultyfor beginners and Sudoku experts Rank your times among other playersor just keep the timer off Nice and clean board for you to concentrate on the puzzleInstall this free Sudoku game now and get ready for unlimited fun, both online and offline!

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This has features I like that make it more enjoyable to play. Especially useful is the indication when a particular number has been fully utilized. The night mode makes easy on my eyes. I always look forward to the daily challenge.

best version of Sudoku I have played in a while. Not too sure about the statistics against other players, but the way the game works is awesome!

Clean, easy to use and with delightful colour customisation. Worth buying ad-less and also not particularly intrusive even with ads.

Add some good themes, overall excellent play! There is lot of improvement, excellent to download and play! Cheers!

Edit- thought I gave it 5 stars but accidentally only hit 4. There's really not much to say about this. It's sudoku. it's free. And the ads aren't obtrusive.

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