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Sudoku Simple is just how it soundswe aimed to create an easier, beginnerfriendly sudoku puzzle in which color helps you become a sudoku solver! Love logic? But feel less logical when it comes to solving sudoku puzzles? This sudoku is the easiest to learn available and has been called a revelation for some who wanted a simpler way to learn to solve sudoku puzzles.

Just start easy! Truly train your brain to understand new sudoku puzzle logic without complication or the strain of looking at black and white grids.

Tease Your Brain With Simpler Sudoku Logic Puzzles Where Color Helps You Solve!

Start training by playing smaller sudoku puzzles and harness the power of color and your brain will make more logical decisions! And as you become a sudoku puzzle solving master, adjust your difficulty to hard for a break from the now tooeasy sudoku puzzles from your sudoku infancy!Color Helps Your Eyes and BrainBlack and white sudoku puzzle grids can be stark and hurt those eyes.

Our gentler color grid puzzles are easy on the eyes, and help your brain strategize faster!Smaller Puzzles Give You a Big BoostA largely blank 9x9 classic sudoku grid can be a scary thing. We start you out on smaller puzzles until you get the hang of logic and can start to formulate strategy!Difficulty Levels Keep You TrainingYour brain will soon become a sudoku color master and while you can continue to enjoy solving sampler sudoku puzzles, you can always check Settings for Hard mode! We believe in you, but we like to play to just relax too ;)Sudoku Veterans WelcomeIf you don’t want your hand held or you prefer a classic black and white sudoku grid, you can always access good old fashioned original sudoku from the play menu.If we don’t make Sudoku the easiest game to learn or better understand, color us confused. P

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It's a fun game, enjoyable way to spend some free time. I have this downloaded on 2 devices. If you could make this, and your solitaire game as well, so they could be synced across multiple devices, that would keep a player from starting at ground zero when it was first opened on their next android device.

Ditto for 2021 Color-coding is definitely easier on my eyes; the outlining of the horizontal and vertical rows for a selected number is also a big plus. This is also a great complement to the various tutorials on YouTube; once I learn a new skill, I jump into the app and and use it. Truly helping me master Sudoku by leaps and bounds, it still lacks that one thing. If there is any way to add the \pencil feature,\ I hope you find it. Even the Grand Masters repeatedly recommend and use notation.

Just as advertised a clean, simple, great app for sudoku. Super clean UI, everything is built to streamline the experience. Ads are very minimal and don't disrupt gameplay. Overall I definitely recommend it!! Would love to see additional unlockable themes in the future.

Best Sudoku game app ever !!! It's simple and easy to use plus it has the benefit of having each number a different colour. It also has three levels of difficulty so if I feel like a challenge, level 3 it is, if I'm playing before bed and therefore I'm tired and my brain is a bit dead, level 1 to help me sleep ) Thanks Mobility Ware )

This is a perfect way to start playing sudoku. It guides you through your first games and through a process of reason you begin to get how the game works. Before you know it you're racing through games. Very clever but simple to use. Would definitely recommend!

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