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Sudoku Pro is the best way to learn and improve the skills of this classic puzzle game.With our Sudoku app, you can not only get the perfect and friendly game experience brought by Sudoku games, but also access the most friendly and complete mobile Sudoku game learning system in the world.

For each puzzle, you can learn the problemsolving skills that need to be improved through the prompt button. Game description with auxiliary animation, colorful screen, very easy to understand, and for each puzzle exclusive settings.

This is a classic and addictive Brain Sudoku offlin puzzle game.

Tips not only provide the answer to the puzzle, but also help you understand the reason for choosing this answer. Whether you are a beginner trying this game for the first time or a master who can challenge difficult puzzles all the way, this function can help you master all the skills needed to solve Sudoku puzzles.

With the help of a Sudoku board that can provide video introduction, clear picture, easy to read and can be customized, you can easily browse all possible situations.Our input system has been specially designed, so that you can miraculously simple input answers and instructions; The friendly scoring system allows you to compete with yourself or your friends without considering the difference in skill level.Sudoku Pro is the most perfect, learning and humanized Sudoku game you have ever played.Key FeaturesSudoku puzzles come in 4 difficulty levelsDaily ChallengesHighlight DuplicatesIntelligent HintsLong press to fill quicklyThe best Sudoku application for brain training is here!Whenever and wherever you want to play; One question a day, improve logic!

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