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Challenge your brain and play against your friends — with the hit new multiplayer puzzle gameSudoku FriendsMultiplayer Puzzle Game!Race your friends to solve the puzzle and think your way to victory! Whether you’re new to Sudoku puzzles, or a master solver, Sudoku Friends will thrill you!The BasicsIn each game, you’ll be given a Sudoku puzzle to solve, and every turn, you’ll get three numbers that fit somewhere in the puzzle. Find the right place for those numbers to win points! You’ll get bonus points for every row, column or block you complete.

Once you’ve placed your numbers, your opponent gets a chance to play. Earn more points than your friends to win the battle!Play With Your FriendsWant to challenge your friends and family? Connect to Facebook to challenge your Facebook Friends! You’re free to play anonymously, but you can also connect to Facebook to play with friends! Just start a new game and choose Battle a Friend” to invite your friends to play!Play With New PeopleNone of your friends play Sudoku FriendsMultiplayer Puzzle Game? No problem! Choose a Random Battle and we’ll find you a game with a stranger.

Multiplayer Sudoku Puzzle Game

You’ll be matched with someone of your skill level!How To PlayJust like regular Sudoku, the object of the game is to place numbers in the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear only once in each column, row, and 3x3 box.However, in Sudoku Friends you’ll only get three random numbers each turn.

Place them in the right location and you’ll get 10 points. For every column, row, or box you complete, you’ll win an extra 30 points.At the end of the battle, the player with the most points wins the game!

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Love the game play and the friendly UI. I have few requests though 1. Give Kudos to player after a good move 2. In game chat option which will make the game more interactive with friends and family. 3. Also an option of mic 🎤 will help ask doubts and clarifications during game play. 4. More colorful avataar option, creat your own avataar would be nice. Please make the chat option live soon. Thank you team )

this game is so frustrating. Everytime i do the right answer, i just leading the opponent to get a whole combo points. and i always get the number just to make a \red carpet\ to the opponent to do the combo. not let me finish the combo that almost done. i think i dont have enough luck just to play this game. i give 5 stars because this maybe the \challenging\ criteria for some people even i didn't like it my self. im now already uninstall the gam e. lol

Fun to play without a lot of ads at the beginning. Ads increase as you play more

Very fun, quick, and easy to use. Brings back the same enjoyment i got when playing colors with friends. Ads are not intrusive. Opponents are found quickly. I'll be playing this for a good long while

Nice how you can play with your family/friends or a random person. It's nicely designed and works well.

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