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A fun Sudoku game with thousands of puzzles.

Can show conflicts, give hints, and fill in pencil marks if you want it to.

A fun Sudoku game with thousands of puzzles Undo, hints, pencil marks and more.

Supports undo in case you make mistakes.

Simple, but complete game with four difficulty levels.

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This is the PERFECT sudoku app! I initially downloaded it because it was free, had no ads, and didn't need suspicious permissions. (In the play store it says it needs wifi access, but once you download the app it never asks to use the wifi) I love the game interface as well. Yes, you have to press the number you want to enter first, then press the empty square. It literally took me two tries before I trained myself to do this. Some reviewers seem to be flummoxed by this stunnigly complicated mechanic. I am addicted to the mechanic whereby when you enter a number in pen, it highli

I used to hate Sudoku puzzles, but this app has really made a difference. Having the option to put temp marks is super useful, and highlighting which number you're on makes it so easy to keep track of what you're doing. The graphics and design are simple, but clean and easy to navigate/use

Very nice. No strain on my eyes. I love playing this game. How about multisudoku, level? I found that all the negative reviews not applicable to me. In my humble opinion it is the best Suduko app. And love playing it. It is the one Suduko app I always go back to

For some reason the option numbers are on top of my sudoku puzzle. What can I do to bring the numbers down away from the puzzle?

Love this app. But it has stopped working. Believe it to be a Samsung problem.

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