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A classic game!To solve the game you must complete the puzzle by filling in all the numbers (from 1 to 9) so that each digit does not repeat in the same row, column or block.This app will become your favorite Sudoku game.WAIT!, THERE'S MORE!Includes cool color themes, with a night mode theme.You are able to change the letter font.Win trophies by solving each daily sudokus.Customize the game UI depending on your expertise HIGHLIGHTSMinimalist, simple and fun game, suitable for children and adults.

7 difficulty levels Many customizable aids Full game is free, with very few ads (no ads while playing) Exercise your brain and relax solving suokus! Beautiful and simple user interface (portrait and landscape) Compatible with all devices including tablets Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images in HD Infinite Sudoku generator No intrusive permissions CUSTOMIZATION You can customize some features of the game (from the settings option) Play or mute the sounds. Language. Animations Device orientation. Full screen or not DIFFICULTY LEVELS ◉ 1Very easy Suited for children or people learning how to solve Sudoku.◉ 2Easy Recent studies show that playing Sudoku helps elderly people memory. Just do it!◉ 3Intermediate You will be able to finish Intermediate level games using basic techniques Hidden singles and Naked singles.

Play the classic Sudoku and train your logic brain.

◉ 4Hard This puzzles need to use some intermediate techniques Pointing pairs, Naked pairs, etc.◉ 5Expert This are intended for advanced players that can combine many intermediate strategies.◉ 6Extreme To solve this grade puzzles you'll need to use some advanced strategies XWing, YWing, Swordfish, etc.◉ 7Nightmare Only pro players will be able to finish this games. This is a real challenge. Maybe you'll need some luck to solve it )All Sudoku have only ONE possible solution.

◉ 8Grandmaster This are considered the hardest sudoku to complete. Will you be able to succeed?All sudokus have only ONE possible solution.Just one more thing...ENJOY !!!Any suggestion or bug report is welcome. Please, before writing a bad review contact us by email at

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Great game. Enjoy playing all the levels. User interface is better than most. Update Rating still 5 stars, but s pen support would be great.

I have tried a few Sudoku grids, but this one is the best, so far. What I love most, is the grids and the numbers, are big, as well as it goes dark mode. This makes it easier on the eyes, as I do not have to strain to see the 'notes', nor squint against the glare of the page. Thank you for an awesome experience...this morning, alone, I have cracked the 'Diabolical' 4 times, in under 15 minutes, each time.

It just works. The only time I got mad at it was when I hit the hint button on accident, but there's a menu option to turn them off. I suspect that one of the puzzles on the diabolical difficulty is actually impossible, but either it is impossible and the developer put it in there to mess with us, or it is possible and I'll have to get better to figure it out. Either way I like it.

Fantastic mind boggling games only thing that has to be improved is after filling all 9 numbers in the nine grids ,ie 9 × 9, the number 9 should change colour or disappear from the selection board of numbers Well thank you so much for your quick Response Really delighted to play the game. Keep improving . Would be great if you could add some scoring to it. It could be Challenging to have Scores

Great app.. Ads are not annoying .. But i think there must be a feature to highlight cells with a specific small number Lets say i have filled all remaining cells with all possible numbers (using notes) and i want to highlight all cells that have number 8 (for instance) as that makes it easy to spot some techniques .. It will be very helpful if u implement such a function

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