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Enjoy the free Killer Sudoku puzzle games for both beginners and advanced Sudoku lovers! Download and start the daily challenge for free!Thousands of killer sudoku puzzles here for you to solve. Come to play this new killer sudoku game, and train your brain. Have fun![New] Dark Theme. Perfect to play before bad![New] Color Theme. Playing games could be colorful![New] Casual Mode. 44 and 66 boards bring you more fun!Killer Sudoku Free is a logical puzzle number game and brain game. To complete a puzzle, like the classic sudoku game, you can fill the grid with numbers; unlike the classic sudoku puzzle, you have to make sure that the sum of numbers in each cage (areas surrounded by the dotted lines) is equal to the number in the upper left corner of the cage.If you are interested in playing number games or math puzzle games, this Killer Sudoku is exactly for you! If you'd ever played number games, such as Sumdoku, Sumoku, Addoku or Cross sum, come to try this one, too! It is an amazing combination of a sudoku puzzle, a KenKen and a Kakuro puzzle game.Killer Sudoku may be a little bit harder than a classic sudoku puzzle game, no worries! We offer several balanced difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players! The game has the function to add or remove notes during gameplay. Did you make a mistake at the beginning? No worries, there are undo and hint functions! Get it back fast!How to play1.

Place numbers 19 into each grid cell exactly like in a classic Sudoku puzzle;2. Different cagesgroups of grid cells indicated by dotted lines;3. The sum of all numbers in each cage should be equal to the number in the upper left corner;4. The sum of all numbers of each 3x3 block, row, or column always equals 45;5. Each cage, row, column, or 3x3 block cannot have the repeated numbers.FeaturesTurn on the note mode to take notes like solving puzzles on a piece of paper. The memo is automatically updated while you fill in the cell.Find your mistakes and challenge yourself or use autocheck to see your mistakes in realtimeComplete daily challenges and earn special trophies!Use free hints when you are stuck.Thousands of killer sudoku puzzle gamesMore functions and highlights Statistics. Track your killer sudoku progress.

Train your brain and keep your mind sharp with the Killer Sudoku number games!

Unlimited Undo. One tap to remove the mistake. Autosave. If you leave Sudoku incomplete, it will be saved. Keep playing anytime. Eraser. Eliminate all of the mistakes if you made any. Sharing functions. You can share this sudoku game with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Four perfectly balanced difficulty levels Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

Train your brain anytime and anywhere and keep your mind sharp in this Killer Sudoku puzzle game. With its easy control, intuitive interface, and perfect selection of different levels, this killer sudoku app will help you to enhance your logical ability and learn more Sudoku skills. Come and try it out! Challenge yourself how quickly you can solve problems and improve your memory!We always carefully check all reviews. Please feel free to leave your ideas, feedback, suggestions, or any questions about Killer Sudoku for further improvements! We are always here for you. Thank you and have fun with Killer Sudoku, Sudoku Puzzle!Privacy policy https// of use https//

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I love this game! I'm totally hooked and have been recommending it to friends. My only suggestion would be to offer a few more color/theme choices. Perhaps in the next update? ) Otherwise this is an excellent game and app!

Only had it about a week, but so far am loving it. I always enjoyed the game, but the addition of the small cells of clues is a real help. Only wish there were a few more color options.

Extremely entertaining, offers a very interesting challenge. I thought Expert mode was impossible at first, not it's my favorite way to play. Helps me to stretch the 'ol head muscle. A must play for anyone looking for a quick brain game.

The grids are big enough to see, especially for people have bad eyesight.

Nice and clean layout, i can turn of the timer and the mistake limit and just relax. Really good if you just bed something simple sometimes ) Also they just added a color pallet version that makes it a lot easier to see in my opinion. Win in my book!

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