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Play the best sodoku free game. Progress map suitable for all sudoko players!

Do you want to play the best sudoku free ? Then you should try our Sudoku !!Main Features🌟 Unique gameplay with progress map with valleys, deserts, glaciers and more as you play thousands of levels we have prepared for you! 🌟 Suitable for all kind of players! 5 difficulty levels so everybody can play. The difficulty will increase as you progress the map until you become a Sudoku master!🌟 Don't know how to play? Our tutorial will give you the basic to start enjoying this wonderful game!🌟 Your progress is saved online! Play in your phone during the day, use your tablet with bigger screen while at home!🌟 Each scenary has a colorful, easytoread interface, forget about those boring sudokus!🌟 3 validations mode for you to choose! From instant validation to none like pencil and paper!🌟 Multiple hints!! You will never get stuck on one level!🌟 Prove you're the best in the worldwide leaderboards!🌟 More than 20 different achievements to get!And more!If you love sodoku then this sodoku game is for you! Play soduku everywhere as it can be played offline and all your progress will be saved when you're online. Play your suduku in your phone during the day and continue playing sedoku in your tablet when you are at home! All synchronized!More than 2000 sudoko puzzles and we add more weekly!All sodoko players can play it!

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Very engaging with easier levels to start with. Progress to harder levels as you move through the game. This is ad supported, but there are not so many that it makes you crazy like in some other games I've tried. I'm a big fan of this game.

This is a great game! Ads do not interrupt your game. Love the feature that allows you to put 'could be numbers in cubes. Great way to escape for a bit.

My husband introduced me to Sudoku, and I fell in love with it! He loved the harder puzzles, and I kinda stuck to the lower ones. All in all, we had enjoyed the game! I just wish he was around to see the electric vs. paper, he would have loved it!

Best of the best , smooth and easy to use both for newbies and pros, thumbs up to the developers

Great version of the puzzle game. With just enough difficulty to make it a challenge.

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