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The game is developed based on a fantasy story about a soldier who accidentally went through a time gap to the future.

In the future, people have developed to an advanced level of science and technology and began searching for distant planets in space. They created many modern and powerful warships to fulfill that dream. The soldier once again joins the army to join the journey to find the promise land and their fleet encounters many warlike monsters in space. They not only attacked spaceships but also headed straight to invade the earth. In the face of that tense situation, the commander ordered the soldier to come to fight against enemy's attacks. A real war has begun. You will play the soldier who takes control of the entire spaceship, protects the earth and leads other spaceships. Destroy and break the enemy s plans.

Gather forces to rescue the galaxy from the invasion of space invaders.

WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack is a shoot'em up game genre with many new and modern improvements with lots of impressive points.

Players will bring two types of spaceships into battle, each has a unique property. Players will use suitable spaceships from time to time.

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WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack user reviews

Very good graphics and sound. The gameplay is excellent. It can be enjoyed offline. Unlike other games, the difficulty is fair, it is not a cheat to force you to buy upgrades. In environment design I give it a 10, the ships and their weapons another 10 I am surprised this game is great. This is very good because in other ship games you have to wait a long time to be able to level up, on the other hand, with this game you enjoy much more for the same.

The game is excellent but improve the levels of the enemies of the game because more than one tries to advance they do not allow our opinion to be taken into account, thank you. The game is good, it entertains me all day, the soundtrack, the ships, the levels, I also wish they could put more levels, that's all. I love this very good game, I just want to see more variety of spaceships.

Super this game and it is really worth to buy the premium version, it has good gameplay, enemies and bosses are very varied and have faces which is fun and difficult hahaha but great. I also think the events are super and that the premium pass remains for 3 days as a prize, and if there are people who say that the game is bad because they force you to buy the pass or see propaganda it is a lie since you can dedicate it time and for the notices well, they are worth seeing.

It has been a long time since I had fun playing a special attack game and this one is making me super entertaining. It definitely has a very good gameplay, the weapons are effective and the level is right. The range of colors is great. It is the best ship game I have ever played. From the graphics to the gameplay they are fluid it reminds me a lot of the Gradius, every time I play it I have a lot of fun.

Excellent game, it would only be good if it had other ships and that they were faster. The game is in everything, it completely fills my expectations, the only thing that with updates were making it more difficult to collect diamonds to modify the ship, taking into account that there are some people who can buy and others do not have access to those payments, they should From making it easier for us to modify our ships to the updates, I remember that it was close to 10,000 diamonds to update and the next day it appears that I would need 18,000, I think it is very high.

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