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Space wars: spaceship shooting game, one of the games came out and existed for a long time with many fans.

If you are a fan of this Space wars game, I believe that you will feel satisfied and it will make you addictedThis is a classical shooter game, but we have built and developed a more modern and wonderful context, graphics and script.

Space wars: spaceship shooting game: fiery battles in space

Peaceful life on earth is always threatened by hostile forces, these are aliens. They always threaten to invade and destroy the earth, in order to turn the earth into their colonyYour mission is to control the spacecraft and fighters to destroy hostile forces, space invaders, destroy the aliens, and protect the peaceful life on earth.

he space game will take you into fiery battles, through many levels of emotion. You will face many challenges, with stronger enemies and extremely modern weapons.But donít worry, during the shooter game, you can collect more gold, diamonds, weapons from enemies to equip yourself and buy more modern weapons against them.

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So far this is the best space shooter I can find, and it s a FREE APP!! It s not constantly stopping for ads, I haven t been bothered to buy anything (though the option is there), and it s fun and engaging. I couldn t ask for more! This is my first day with the app and so far I m completely satisfied-- no, I m Happy with it. I ll update the rating if it goes downhill, but definitely give it a try and see how great for yourself!

Been using the game 2 days, never ONCE have I had to watch an ad! The game is fun, differing levels from easy to "hell", and power- up based on performance and length of play, plus coins earned during play. So far, I ve done missions and endless play, but I m pretty sure I noticed an option to play other gamers as well. Super fun shooter that tries yours skills.

Cracking good shmup, nice graphics and audio with a nice easy learning curve. Only on lvl 18 but controls and upgrades are easy to use and do make a difference. Thoroughly recommend this for dedicated shmup addicts and newbies, well worth a punt. Nice one dev keep up the good work. Paul. NB. After getting to 34 a couple of things to watch. There is no tell-tale if you have gifts in cards or quests, I didn t check till 22 and there was loads of goodies. So check regularly. P.

Overall, good gameplay. The missiles fired by the first Boss encountered blend in with the background. Was hard to see at first, but for most part, graphics, audio, and again gameplay are good. Can t wait to see what other updates you guys come up with!!!!

Great space shooter game. This is one of the best games in this genre I ve played. The game starts off easy and progressively gets harder without costing money to upgrade your ship. Straight forward ways to upgrade your ship through playing the game. Keep it up.

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