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Space Shooter is an adrenaline-pumping Shoot em Up that takes the best of the genre and combines it in a title that, while not perfect, can still offer us many hours of fun.

The premise of Space Shooter is very simple: our space pilot skills are the only thing that stands between the earth and a dangerous alien invasion, which we must stop armed only with our trusty spaceship. Although the history of Space Shooter may sound topical, it will be the only place where we find cliches, since these are totally separated in the mechanical system, which will implement elements that we have practically never seen before in similar titles.

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There are times when when a large number of enemies come together on the screen, the game can suffer some kind of slowdown, but apart from this it is a perfect title to pass the time.

Space Shooters progression system is based on systems that we have already seen in titles such as Best Fiends or Candy Crush in which, after each level and depending on how well we have played, we will be rewarded with up to three stars. In this case, each star will have a specific objective that we must complete if we want to achieve it and we can invest these stars in buying better ships or in improving the one we already have.

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Space Shooter Galaxy attack user reviews

I like it a lot, it s difficult and it increases the challenge, but that s what s interesting and very good, what I don t particularly like is the option to change ships during the game, but from there on out all this very well.

I find it very good, the graphics, the ships, the adversaries and it is very entertaining. I love this game and I think it will go a long way.

This game is very good, many people say that it is very difficult or that the ships are difficult to get but in reality the game depends entirely on your skill, the designs of their bosses are original and very good like the ships, in conclusion The game is very good with an adjusted difficulty, good design and more, I would give it 5 stars but being a typical copy of space invaders it remains, but I think that with the ability that these men have they can make an excellent game.

I really like this game I also like because you can put mini ships and you can fight against the voices whenever you want this very cool game I really like never uninstalling it and progressed a lot I already have the mini ship and I can play pvp my opinion is 5 stars

It has a great variety of ships and the best can be used all during the game the bosses are epic and the scenarios are well set

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