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Space Hunter is an arcade game in the Shoot Em Up genre similar to other titles such as the classic Space Invaders, which takes the best of the genre and combines it into a dynamic and fun title.

To move our spaceship we will only have to press the area of ??the screen to which we want to move it. The ship will always be firing automatically, so we only have to worry about targeting the aliens, while dodging their shots, and collecting the boosts for our weapons.

Space Hunter: A Space Invaders Review More Frantic Than Ever

The premise of Space Hunter is very simple: an alien invasion is approaching the earth and we, with our spaceship and its improvements, have to be in charge of stopping it. The mechanics of the game are simple: the alien invaders will be located at the top of the screen and will be placed in different forms of attack that we must break with a clean shot. Every time we kill a group of invaders, we will receive a special weapon that will help us eliminate more enemy units at a stroke.

Players will have three lives to clear each level. Every time the aliens manage to hit us, we will lose one of these lives. And as is normal, if at some point we run out of lives, the game will end. Space Hunter is a frenetic and fun arcade game that will help us have a good time of fun killing alien enemies.

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Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game user reviews

Great game, good graphics and a gradual steps in difficulty. Many other shooter games are just hard from the beginning. This progressively gets harder. The upgradr system is nice but I feel evolution parts are too scarce. I have noticed that the homing missles stop working when you get to level 24 or so. Not sure if this is a glitch. All in all, a great shooter. Nice work!

I just played the first three boards, but instantly liked it. I think the game will become more exciting as the difficulty does. the game that I play now is a variation of this "space shooting game". it s called space justice. instead of just, like space justice... being stationary, your ship moves through space, as enemies come towards your ship. I m excited to move through the boards, and see where this game takes me. I think you just got me hooked!!! Pusher! Haha!thanx!

I do love this game. The graphics of this game actually change brain waves from beta to delta that is, to a better point. The graphics are next level and hypnotic like Polybius but in a very good way. This modern reboot version of Galaxian has a galactic warmth. Possibly even intergalactic.

I like how quick it introduces special weapons into the gameplay and keeps the game moving faster it gives you more opportunities to continue on even if you get killed and it starts you off where you left off instead of putting you back all the way to the beginning of the level if you got killed by the boss then it starts you off on the boss

I ll have played this from the beginning it get exciting each upgrade model of the ships,design, this is fun,combat on target, keep improving I ll keep playing.

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