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SkyChamp is a social game of skill, which has a collection of monsters, role-playing elements and a unique and different game style each game that will make you feel great emotion in each game.

He stars in the game as a monster trainer with summons of legendary Okimons and Pettomons. You will be able to train adorable monsters, evolve and equip them with the best weapons and jewels to fight in the best air combat battles.

Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack take on great monsters and train to achieve incredible battles

The game randomly generates different games which are of different difficulty depending on your style of play against the different possible monsters, which can always offer you surprises regardless of your skill. An action packed arcade game. You can advance in the game without paying money, depending on your skill, and you can get VIP benefits, without the need to invest money.

Lots of cool monsters that you can summon, train and evolve with different quirks and unique attacks. Improvement system in the purest RPG style, with varieties of weapons, costumes and jewelry. Different online social competition modes, with a score table updated in real time, with different rewards according to your effort. Support tools with the monsters of your friends, to which you can send gifts and also receive gifts from them, to get friendship eggs and more wings to continue playing.

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Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack user reviews

I have few levels like 20, but so far everything perfect, the best game I have ever played, performance, playability, announcements, everything well balanced I hope it continues like this.

I give it five stars it s a good game I like the only thing I would like is for them to put a counter to have more wings and thus be able to play more levels their music is very good I also like

Hello, I love the Game but there are things that need to be improved, a MonsterPedia should have as well as there is a Target of Pettmones, there should also be a target of the enemies to know where they come from and what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as defeat them, they must also correct graphics such as camelion. level 5 since the skin of the first person is not the same as the 3rd ...

The game is very entertaining, the most recent update improved things, it hurts that the other players got used to the ease and the infinity of coins they dropped, it is true it costs work but what I play at present is not like that, keep it up guys it is a great and entertaining game.

I have tried it on a very low-end cell phone and it works well, and the experience I have had has been very nice, my pettomon is at level 7 and the other at level 4 and my okimon I think is at level 15 is something very fun in the league mode as you sincerely advance a great game and I think it can improve and be a good popular game I only ask you not to abandon it and thank you very much for creating such a game.

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