Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game!

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Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!

Very addictive, entertaining and immersive game .... It makes me think. A game where it allows you to relax, think and discover your level of resolution to your problems.

Water Sort Puzzle: How Smart Are You?

Excellent game, it helps me get the wisdom out of the brain. Excellent game to put memory to work, agility, dexterity and especially being sweaty, think fast, I congratulate the manufacturers who put their effort and dedication so that we could be distracted at the same time, the only thing that many intermediate ads is very nice, but the rest is fine.

It is well entertaining I recommend it for those who want to develop creativity this is a good tool. Impressive indeed. If I had to choose between having dinner with Scarlett Johannson or playing this color test tube thing, I was having dinner with Scarlett because it would be silly to choose the opposite, but it s great, it really is.

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Water Sort Puzzle - Color Sorting Game user reviews

I like the app because it relaxes me. I exercise my brain a bit. Plus, it s a lot of fun. You practice decision making. Excellent option to do logic exercises, if you want to avoid the ads when restarting a level, just close and open the game again. Simple, de-straining and I feel like it helps strengthen the mind regarding analysis and strategy

It s very entertaining, makes you overthink, and is great for mental alertness. It s cool and I like it because I strain my brain trying to make it normal. I love the game very much, it is very entertaining and helps you relax.

Great game to pass the time and think for a while. I learned to fill with colors. Quicken the mind to practice immediate resolutions. It demands maximum concentration at the beginning. Then you get used to the colors. The option to add an empty tube, I discovered after many attempts.

The game is very good, but these are the things that I would ask to be changed: if you could put a color of a bottle in any other color than that color in another bottle, that the game is also in Spanish and that you could earn money so that you can buy things such as; the colors have decoration or the bottles have decoration, so the game would be perfect!

Great relaxant for neurons. It is satisfactory to put the colors and I would like you to be able to choose the design of the tubes. Excellent development of creativity, color combination, space management ... fully recommended for children and adults ...

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