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Escape from the castle full of tricks and mysterious puzzles. This escape room game will challenge your ability to solve puzzles!

The Terrible Villain grabbed the Princess and set traps on the way to her rescue. A brave knight can save the girl hidden in the tricky tower of the crossy castle! Hurry up, the trap adventures are waiting!

Tricky Castle: Solve super unusual puzzles & save the princess! Fun trap adventure escape games

Wander the mysterious corridors of the castle, solve puzzles and avoid traps to find the faraway tower. There ll be hundreds and hundreds of doors, spikes, platforms to jump on and all this in order to find the treasured key. Take a close look at the room and read the clues (or riddles?) to figure out how to open 12 locks, escape the room and find the right path in the castle of illusion.

You won t be able to stop solving puzzles! Test your IQ and rack your brains! Explore the crossy road castle that holds much more tricks and secrets than you think. Play this fun puzzle game for free!

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Tricky Castle: Puzzle Adventure user reviews

Loved the game. Hopefully there will be updates that I can come back to. I think having ads in between levels is fair if you are not willing to pay. As long as the ads doesn t show during a level it doesn t spoil the experience so nothing to complain about.

It was fun and entertaining, if you need a hint, you can watch an add about every 3-ish levels you will get an add but that is WAY better than othe games you can unlock ALL of the skins by watching adds none that are locked and can only be given to those who pay. It doesn t try to force you to pay for no adds. Some of the solutions were so unusual that once you figured it out it is SUPER obvious but while playing the level you would never think about it 10/10

I thought this was going to be a cash grab game that spams you with ads and is just bad, BOY was I wrong. This was so delightful and enjoyable. Each puzzle was unique in its own way, they were not repeats of the levels before. The simplicity of this game is so great it still boggles you, but it s not making rage. I love this. I wish there was more levels though. I have an idea. What if you add a level maker, or like a daily level. I know this would be hard to pull of though. No pressure??.

Love the game, love the puzzles, and I don t think there can be another game as interesting as this one. But by now, I m sure a lot of us await the end of the witch tower. I for example have completed the game 12 times and reset it getting every bat and star, and can only imagine the final puzzles and the boss . Give us the grand finale! ??

Cool Game! You have to go through A castle to Rescue the princess and Theres lots of Challenges and puzzles you have to solve. And the ads? Theres a mild amount. If a level is too hard you can watch a 30 second ad to get a hint and if it s still too hard than you can Watch another ad to skip the level. Definitely Recommended Downloading And at least try it!

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