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Follow the adventure of Om Nom in the first part of the legendary Cut the Rope logic puzzles series. Get it now for free and start playing with millions of players around the world!

A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request CANDY. Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game!

Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy in this award-winning game!

It s a really fun game, a great time killer, tbh I never expected something that looked so kiddy & money grabby to be so fun, I definitely recommend it for all ages, but it can get a bit buggy @ times

This app is super fun and easy play I don t know why people keeps on complaining about the ad cause all I do is take the Wi-Fi off

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I love it, it s very good and I love everything, the graphics, the mechanics, and of course I love the cute design of Om Nom, the only bad thing is that you have to pay for the powers, it s fine that it has a paid version but They should have put more content in the free version, other than that I love it

It is very creative the game has creative ideas and apart from being creative it is very fun but it has a lot of ads and I don t like ads that interrupt the game if you read my comment thanks and that s what I recommend you thanks for reading my comments and about me Part is what I recommend from the ads and not to make fun of it in the comments for then some people not all of them just make fun of the game when they have not even tried it thanks to all. .

I love this game every time it levels up, it is wonderful, I ve been playing it for 2 years, I love it, I recommend it because apart from the character is very cute, they also have other games that I recommend that you install. I really love this game !!!

It is super fun, very good to think and help work the brain, the only bad thing is that it contains a lot of advertisement but from Ai on the outside it is very fun I really recommend it a lot, it is also very satisfying to be there watching the candy and having to give it to the little animal I highly recommend that

I really like why it makes you think and is very good for children when they are bored and makes them activate their brain and play a bit. The truth is that I cannot complain about the game, it is entertaining and makes you think enough to complete the level at 100%. Visually beautiful, creative and very entertaining app. Excellent to start thinking.

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