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Plan each shot to free the baby panda! An evil baboon from the jungle has kidnapped adorable panda babies and locked them in bubbles. Combine them strategically so that they explode and make the little ones can return to their mother s arms.

Fight your way through increasingly challenging levels and harness the power of the elements to fulfill your mission. The power-ups will help you free the babies. Combine them to unleash mind-blowing effects!

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop a Cool Free Game, full of Bubbles and Pandas

Okay, but the problem that some games are very difficult is for you to buy things, when people buy things they make games more difficult for them, I would never buy anything, if I can t pass the game well, there are times when I m about to to pass a difficult game and it happens that the game breaks down and turns off and I think this is well controlled, this is my humble opinion

Very good, I am a beginner-level teacher and I use it as a working tool with my children, it helps me in visual development, knowledge of colors, mental agility and also entertains them ...... thank you for creating these mental games.

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Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop user reviews

I like it is very entertaining for both children and adults. I recommend it!! It is a game that makes you have your brain active I like all its worlds with different challenges

I love playing panda pop, but in the last update I couldn t buy any more power-ups, that option was eliminated ... I wish the costumes were free or could be exchanged for virtual currencies and not purchased ... and the zen tree restarts 1 time a week for free ...

Very good the game of panda pop I love it very entertaining I need to make a change to my game panda I mean to modify it so that the tables that appear above put it below because it is frozen in the panda store and does not give the option to go back please help me there it s all thank you very much please give the option of the videos so that they give us the movements

Hilarious game, so much so that I continue to have fun and already at level 516 and I continue with Panda Pop Bubles. And now I surpassed that level after many attempts and I am still in the entertaining and hilarious game Panda Pop. and now I skip the level 606 and continue.

Excellent game, very fun and entertaining I love they give you many prizes. They are many levels and it increases in difficulty I love the mother who has to save the babies is very cute

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