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Great, relaxing game to play. You play it at your own pace and there is no money involved to play. Yes it does have adds but they are the banner type at the bottom of the screen and they don t hinder you playing the game at all. I actually visit some of the advertisers for this reason. Great game guys, thanks heaps.

Best strategy game I ve played since Game Boy Tetrice! The actual game idea could not be improved. But could have n option for; Time limit. Music, though I do love the birds singing . When u smash more than one row there should be a greater "shatter explosion" and shatter sound, and that effect should increase explanantially with every extra row,, or at least an option for this mode. Change in background, perhaps birds singing would be a good one. Option for extra levels maybe.

Brick Classic : Brick Classic is a popular and addictive puzzle game!

Great app if you just want a relaxing game. I love it for when I m having anxiety attacks or I can t sleep because of my pain. I can play game after game after game to distract my mind.

Love this game. So much fun trying to best my own score. Really like how the game resumes back to where I left off after closing. Showed my mother how to play. She liked it. Easy to play. But she wants the pieces to rotate to fit. I like the game the way it is. Loving Brick Classic. Thanks! . . . . Shortly after posting the above, Ads appeared. With regret, I ve uninstalled this game. I don t mind Ads as long as they aren t on the screen while I m playing. They ruin concentration, focus & fun.

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I enjoy this mind teasing game. I play it continuously just about everyday!!! I play it during football, basketball, tennis, and golf seasons! I EVEN play it during some movies or television programs! I love playing any kind of strategy games!!! My mind needs strategic games! I compare all of the games I play to CHESS!!! Thanks for listening !!! NOW, give me an expensive game gift for my promotional comments, PLEASE!

I love this game! It s not too easy but not impossible so I feel like I m being challenged. It s quite addictive. There s hardly any adverts which is one of the best things about it. Every time you get out of moves they show one 5 second advert and that s it.

Just the perfect mix of relaxing and challenging. Also the background sounds are an added classy touch. It s better than some other Block puzzles in that it offers a piece to use each time a piece is placed. Also those annoyingly little voices are missing, so there s no need to turn off the sound. I played others, but came back to this one. Good job! Thanks

I really love this game. It s like Tetris Chess. I can take my time and strategize my next move to attack either vertically or horizontally. It s very relaxing as there is no timer between moves. And I can pause it whenever, and come back and finish playing later. That s nice for when my wife wants some attention.

This is a lovely game. Every time it beats me because My thoughts are straying. Bam it gets me. I get mad at myself for not paying attention. But low and behold I swear I do better. But it gets me every time. So I end up being angry at myself and swearing next time I will beat it. But it has the ability to lull me into the abyss and it gets me all over again.

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