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Puzzle Cars 6

Puzzle Cars 6
Puzzle Cars 6

Puzzle Cars 6 is a 2 player challenge minigames with multiplayer games one device

Many two player car games are available on Google Play, but this one is specially designed for players looking for multiplayer games one device and 2 player challenge minigames.


  • Car braking test game: In this challenging mobile game, you will have to show your ability to brake at the right moment while driving at full speed.
  • Car dodging games: Slide your finger across the screen to maneuver with precision and find the safest and fastest way to evade your pursuers.
  • Many more minigames.


  • Totally free and without internet.
  • +10 two player car games.
  • 2 player challenge minigames.

If your passion is multiplayer games one device, don’t waste any more time and download this game right now.

Download on Google Play Store
Download on Google Play Store
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