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War Dogs

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War Dogs is an adrenaline-pumping arcade that put us in the shoes of some of the best combat ship pilots of World War II. Offering its players the possibility of controlling the most characteristic planes of practically all the factions involved in the conflict. This game transport the action of this confrontation to our mobile devices in an outstanding way. With combats are fought both in the air and in land and sea.

Become a pilot of warplanes

The action of game is divided into different campaigns that put us in the shoes. Practically all the factions that faced each other in this conflict. Each level passed will unlock not only new objectives, but also new real models of the planes that were used in the battles.

War Dogs is built from the ground up as a flight simulator to deliver the most immersive air combat experience, and unlike most WWII airplane games on mobile devices, War Dogs has simulation and arcade grade controls. for both novice and experienced fighters. Master all three controls (tilt, turn, and yaw) to perform basic and advanced aerial combat maneuvers like Barrel Roll, Pitchback, Wingover, and more.

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