Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

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Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is a classic-style SHMUP, in which players will be able to control a spaceship with which they will have to face tons of enemies. But it won’t be easy. Rival ships will not stop firing in our direction in no time.

In Infinity Shooting we will find twenty different levels, in which we will be able to improve our score to compete in the online leaderboards. With the coins that we obtain, we can also buy all kinds of improvements for our main and auxiliary ships.

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is a perfect SHMUP for touch devices

The control system of Galaxy War is perfectly adapted to touch devices. We will only have to leave the screen pressed and slide our finger to move our ship across the stage, while we shoot automatically. When we stop pressing the screen, time will slow down and we will stop shooting.

Infinite Shooting is an excellent SHMUP, combining outstanding graphics with a very precise control system. A perfect title for any lover of the genre.

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