Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game

Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game

Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game

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Galaxiga is a fun Shoot ’em Up that manages to transport the mechanics of this popular genre in a more than outstanding way to the comfort of the screens of our Android devices, preserving the arcade touch and respecting at all times the devilish difficulty during the most difficult levels. Advanced in the style of classics like Space Invaders or Galaxian.

Depending on the level of damage we suffer and the number of enemies eliminated at the end of each level, we will be rewarded with coins that we can invest in improving the characteristics of our faithful ship, characteristics that will increase both the attack power and the health of our pilot.

Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game es un Shoot “Up filled in aliens and giant insects

The mechanics of Galaxiga are very similar to those of any other game with which it shares a genre: by dragging our finger across the screen we will control the movement of our spaceship, which will shoot projectiles automatically. Mastering these simple controls we will have to end incessant hordes of enemies that will be releasing improvements for our vehicle, improvements that it will be essential that we keep if we want to be victorious in the confrontations against the bosses of each phase.

Galaxiga does not manage to bring anything new to the genre, although what it offers is polished enough to provide a fun, challenging and highly addictive experience for those players who want to give it a try.

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