1945 Air Force

1945 Air Force

1945 Air Force

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1945 Air Force is a challenging Shoot ’em Up set in World War II, its mechanics are based directly on the classic arcades. Titles to which it pays tribute with a pixel art graphic style. Very much on the same level as the rest of its characteristics.

Mastering the mechanics of 1945 Air Force will be really easy like any other title in the genre. Our aircraft will fire its projectiles automatically. Our role will be limited to controlling their movements around the stage by dragging our finger across the screen. Each defeated enemy will provide us with coins and spare parts. We can invest in buying new and better airplanes or in improving the characteristics.

Its most interesting characteristics is its ability to adapt to the experience. Each player seeks thanks to its three levels of difficulty. Each new difficulty level will be unlocked by beating a level on the previous difficulty level. A system that rewards the practice and perseverance of its players who will be rewarded with a greater number of coins and better and rarer upgrade materials.

1945 Air Force is an essential title that will offer its players a beautiful visual spectacle that is as challenging as it is fluid.

Incredible Shoot ’em Up set in WWII

Take control of a war plane. Jump onto the battlefield of Airplane Shooting Games in this exciting combat flight action game.

In each of the campaigns of 1945 Air Force – Airplane Shooter Games, you will participate in a team and in a solo action war.

You will fight in the best historical aircraft. From classic fighters to light and heavy bombers such as Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Su-5, P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe »Swallow», Mitsubishi A6M Zero, B- 17 Flying Fortress … to modern generation military aircraft.

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