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With simply pushing buttons and slide, solve the puzzles.Clear stage missions and challenge higher levels.[Game Features]3 control types supported.

User convenience feature (reset and undo) supported.Replay supported (activated for stages cleared)Multiplayer Mode compete with your rivals.Supportive Items that helps players to solve challenging missions.

Push the boxes and find the answers to puzzles!

Minigame mode enjoy simple and unique missions!Simple and stylized graphic designs.16 languages supported.Achievement and leaderboard supportedSmart pads and Tablet devices supportedHomepagehttps//play.


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A nostalgia moment just hit me the first time I saw this game!! And it is as fun as the classic one back in the old days!!! I may want to suggest for some costumizations feature, like skins for the level design, and clothes for the characters. But, if not, it is okay~ This classic version already great enough.

I simply love love this game there's no ads but it becomes too difficult from 300 onwards there's too many boxes too place in the right place n so I have remove the game which saddens me alot n I'm back again for the third time after deleting

At first I thought the first few were a bit too easy, so I kinda just played till it got challenging, so I definitely recommend it! I've played sokoban and really enjoyed having to improvise my approach to problem solving, I think if kids were exposed to these sort of games as part of their curriculum it could help them advance a lot quicker in their approach to problem solving, just a thought!

One of my all-time favorite games. This app developer has the best collection of time wasting games on the internet. Pure stress relief after a hard day at the office. Ads are annoying but they are worth the inconvenience keeping the apps free for poor people like me. Keep up the great work folks. You make an old fella's last remaining years far more enjoyable.

Remembering my old time on the first computer back in 1982 at school. They did make up a room fill of computer and already a lot of program and activity for train our brain was on and the mouse was a ball included into the keyboard section, just at the right of it and there was this game of push block and its exactly the same. i don't know what other talk about this game was on console, but it was already on computer game in 1982 or 1984 because the first apparition of the portable was in 1985.

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