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Pocket Mazes Path Puzzles is a new, cute twist on the maze genre. Build paths to solve mazes and spring beautiful trees to life in this hypercasual brainteaser.

Take your time and work your way through labyrinths of varying sizes. For added challenge, search and collect all the secret, hidden flowers.

Solve casual, calm maze puzzles and find hidden flower collectibles

Cute, 2D graphics and smooth, responsive touch controls fun collectible gamethis simple maze labrynth app is a must download!Pocket Mazes Path Puzzles Key FeaturesOver 500 maze labyrinths to unlock10 new unique path puzzles released everydayVariety of logic grid sizes to decodeCustomize game boards with different theme setsRelaxing, charming, hypercasual gameplayHidden flower collectibles for added challenge and funFree hints are available on all mazesPlayable offline, no internet required in this arcade mazeUnlimited time to solve each path puzzle without interruptionProfile to track pocket maze statisticsEasy mazes for kidsPocket Mazes Path Puzzles is available in 14 different languages, including English, Chinese, Portuguese, and many more.Terms And Conditions / Privacy Policyhttps//www.

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Pocket Mazes Path Puzzles user reviews

Found this game from r/Androidapps love it alot. Simple UI. Not a complex game. Very very non-intrusive ads. Added some suggestions on reddit. Perfectly lovely game. Imma reccomend it to my mom and xda groups. Offline app (unlike cut the rope series) Super easy tutorial. Help is always there.

Solid game. I like the warnings for ads, the amount was tasteful. I seem to only be able to get 10 and 25 gold from the spinner though.

Super fun!! Having trouble finding the flower pieces in the harder levels, but I love it!

Great and fun game. Simple, nice graphics, good sounds, without excessive ads, and slightly addictive.

So cute, great quality, relaxing and entertaining. Love it!

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