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Mazes can look simple and colorful too!In Mazy Maze you will rotate stunningly beautiful mazes and guide a white ball through a wonderfully vibrant geometric world.Mazy Maze, is a dreamlike experience through mindbending paths and colorful routes. Guide the White Ball through complex polygons, uncovering hidden obstacles and outwitting the mysterious and rather irritating the Black Ball.A modern take on ballinamaze game, Mazy Maze invites you to travel across colorful, hand crafted labyrinths and try to reach the center.ELEGANT Inspired by classic maze games, Mazy Maze is a minimal and colorful twist on the classic labyrinth adventure.

EASY TO USE ☝️Tap and rotate to change the direction of the rotation. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up and enjoy!UNLOCKABLES Unlock fun characters with your coins!STAY CONNECTED Share your scores with the world!TABLET SUPPORT Mazy Maze is optimised for both tablets and phones.Features 😮 Tons of puzzles with various difficulties! ⭐ Different shaped mazes for you to solve! Unlock characters! Gorgeous design with high quality graphics. Easy to use! Play with one hand! Share your score with the world!Be careful not to touch spikes, saws and most importantly the black ball. Can you beat all the levels?FAQsDo I need an internet connection?No internet required.

Rotate colorful mazes and solve the labyrinth.

It's an offline game.How to play it?Tap on the screen to rotate the maze. Every time you tap, the maze rotates to the opposite way. Guide the ball through different obstacles and try to reach the star. DO NOT HIT THE SAWS, SPIKES and most importantly THE BLACK BALL.

How is Mazy Maze different than other maze games?Most labyrinth solving games have a boring design with clunky controls. But you can play Mazy Maze with only one hand while looking at minimal and colorful graphics.📫You can send your suggestions to or simply leave a comment. We are reading all of them, feel free to tell us your ideas.

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