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Let's find maze for Online is a game in which you try to escape a maze along with other online users. Who will be the first to escape it?[Game features]>realtime competition game>Select your own character with one and only skillset>Compare your time with people around the world>Avoid different obstacles and find one way>Level up systemPlease email your inquiries

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I haven't played this game in years it was part of my childhood until you could not join your friends like enter code and you'll join your friends like I was sad I quitted the game for a little bit but I remembered it always brings back the memories ('

Nice realy very nice levels and more can you make more games like this only please I like it so make more games ok please rate this game it is so nice realy

I haven't played this in years .thanks for creating this . it's part of my childhood thank God my younger sister reminded me.God bless who ever made this game you shall prosper

This is amazing but I would like it even more if you add some more skins please that would be great.

I love the idea of the game but can you add more skins


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