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Simple and elegant design, Challenge the Maze of various missions!

The best Maze game that anyone can easily enjoy with simple swipe![Features]try all the 400 stages!no play limit such as heart, play as much as you can!can play even without network!can play even in Airplane mode!ultralight app of less than 10M, feel free to download!supports tablet screensupports 14 languagesHomepagehttps//

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Interesting application for someone who wants to relax. I removed it (not because of problems) but only because it was't enough challenging for me. But it is a good app. I will keep watching to see if you'll eventually offer differents levels on a more difficult way. Thanks and keep the good work.

To enable English mode, you need to go to the settings wheel below the homescreen and there you'll have the lang option. Select your language and you're good. The game is it. I personally love mind games like maze, puzzles, riddles, detective, sudoku, chess, Japanese solitaire and others. This game had soooo good content, numerous stages, the ball rolled smoothly unlike other games where the rolling is often faulty. There were sooo less ads...😊

Its such a fun game the mazes are very cool! I wanted a maze game that was very fun and I found one that is very fun! You should try it out! It is a great experience! Super fun and exciting and cool game! I don't know what they are saying but that's ok!

this game is awesome. I love doing mazes, and I've been trying to find an app like this, but with all the apps I saw, almost all of the bad reviews were complaining about the ads. and even the good reviews mentioned it. I was kinda worried when I downloaded this app, because there were reviews saying that the ads block the button to continue to the next level but this hasn't happened to me)

Love it! The game is great and love the graphics. I highly recommend to try it.

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