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Maze Puzzle path Game is an interesting game in which use has to search the correct path and has to get the coin. Its a logic game. There are lots of other game which you can download but this puzzle game makes you think about the correct path. It makes you to be more engaged for hours in a very interesting way. This MAZE PUZZLE GAME is loved by all of us and can also be played by any of the family members.

As we start play, some of the initial stages are easy. You can pass all of them very easily but as far as you go on stages this puzzle gets harder and harder.This Maze puzzle game consist of 200 level. So its for you all getting very easy to pass your spare time in a very interesting and beneficial way as it promotes brain exercise.This game you can play offline whenever you want.

Maze Puzzle is about to search the most suitable and correct path to reach coin.

There is a time limit counts and shows that within how much time you had search the path.HOW TO PLAY To start the maze puzzle game first install it and select the level 1 . You will a board which shows many path and a clown face. You have to drag that clown face where you want to go. Its also shows you the correct path as you proceed.

Once you get the correct path and reach to middle get the coin and thus, you complete level 1.Thank you for installing Mazes Puzzle ! In case you face any problems, or feedback. Feel Free to contact, We always here to help youEmail privacy policy http//

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