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Play classic square mazes or discover many more original ones circular, triangular, hexagonal or even bunny , guitar or tree shaped mazes.

Challenge yourself with seven different game modes including our unique intertwined labyrinths with teleportation portals .

Labyrinth game with plenty of unique mazes in different shapes and sizes.

Progress through the catalog and unlock over 100 combinations of maze sizes, types, shapes and game modes.

Easy to play Swipe to guide the light through the maze and find the exit🧘 Relax with small mazes or try to solve more advanced ones⚪ Master 4 types of mazes square, triangular, hexagonal and circularStart with classic mazes and unlock six extra game modes time limited, restricted moves, token collection , token collection with restricted moves, intertwined mazes with teleportation portals, intertwined mazes with restricted moves Try our funny shaped labyrinths Explore over 3 000 unique mazesThis game has been made with by a small team of three independent developers. All your suggestions and feedback to help us improve the game are welcome.

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This game is exactly what I've been looking for, it has amazing visuals and great level generation. The different modes (dark, timed, and the one where you only have a certain amount of \moves\) have a perfect balance of challenging and simplicity. When most games have ads and give you the option to pay and remove them I usually just uninstall the game or deal with the ads, but this is one of the first I felt actually deserved the payment.

Pretty stellar graphics, which I love, since it would otherwise make the game look cheap, and it doesn't, it looks really good. Only complaint is that the volume of the sound effects is too low, so I have it on max, but then the ads come and they're super loud, since it's at max volume, so I've to be lowering and raising the volume all the time. Maybe make the sound effects for moving in the maze louder by default so the contrast with the ads isn't that big?

This is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. The play itself is flowing, vs some of those jerky games. The mazes, so far as I've seen, get progessively harder, which is good. I hope you appreciate and have as much fun as I am having with this game.

I just downloaded this game today and I absolutely love it. No ads after every level, beautiful graphics, and best of all, I love the background music.

This game is very fun and relaxing. I enjoyed playing every level. If you like simple mazes with good graphics and music give this a try. 😃

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