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Maze Adventure has arrived to innovate puzzle games with very smart and addictive challenges! Board with us on this adventure with more than 50 characters and explore the various obstacles in its 4 modes Classic, Ice, Portal and Colors. For all ages, this maze game will bring you lots of fun!Classic ModeExplore the maze full of obstacles to the final goal. A game mode that will require a lot of patience, logical thinking and motor coordination.

Ice ModeSlide on the ice in this relaxing maze! A way that requires a lot of attention to find the right path.Portal ModePortal, portal and portal ..

Addictive maze game with multiple puzzle challenges!

. It seems easy, but to get lost between the portals is just a matter of seconds! A mode that will take a lot of your memory to reach the final point!Color ModeEach color, a path. In Colors mode you will have a maze experience totally different from the conventional ones! Pay close attention to the color of each path and don't forget to use your strawberry to save strategic positions throughout the game.

NEW MODE PLATFORMFeel worthy, to unlock this new mode, you need to find the enchanted key in the Maze adventure universe.Characteristics Easy to play! Develop various skills during the gameFine motor coordination when it comes to improving your character's movements;Stimulates your brain;Concentration;Memory. Varied difficulties for children and adults; More than 50 characters; All levels handmade; Beautiful isometric design. Discover a different way to have fun in a maze!A good game for you! Board with us on this adventure with us and don't hesitate to send us your feedback for improvements.

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