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Warning All supported phones Supported programs controls a realistic RC helicopter directly in your home. Indicates the point the heliport on a surface or on a floor and press "helicopter-helicopter" to play.

The app works best on sparsely WellLit wallpapers with models.caaturesâ-¶ New builder scene for designing your helicopters ¶ 20 unique helicopters and a quadcopter to play with augmented reality with monitoring without marked with easy and intuitive controls ¶ Multiplayer mode (beta) with two types of correspondence Â-¶ Play on the Internet or WiFi LAN (without using phone data) Please do not forget to evaluate the app if you like it! We also like note that while the app works on phones without a gyroscope, it may not be the best experience.

Play with an RC helicopter in your home using Augmented Reality

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Your system for AR swept me away! When I use the AR apps that need signs, they do not work because the camera shows the dark room, but we need more than this in the game store, it works in all lighting conditions. I wish you success!

One of the best AR apps never seen. But the game mode is demonstrating that it will come after 2 hours but I'm playing it for 2 days or more. It feels much more realistic and fun to play in the multiplayer game. But I'm waiting for the game mode. Please make it available faster.

I love a game so big, arly helicopters really work and only a suggestion allow the game to earn money when you don't play not only ads and please unlock the game mode I also really love your app AN I also downloaded also the Wildlife also. You guys should create a car version where you can turn on the lights open the tve bag and guide it. Thank you for the big app to maintain good job

This is a good AR simulator. Please resolve the problem with the game mode and multiplayer mode. I want to give a suggestion, please increase the game mode timer at 24 hours.

This is the good game and I liked it because I always wanted to play once with a drone, but now I can play it not 12 or 3 times now I can play with my drone for 0 â, ąrupees and for 100000000000 times thanks a lot

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