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Get ready to fly Incredible rescue helicopters and police in an open worldwide massive environment, full of hills, valleys, mountains and more ready to explore; Over 16 km of area to fly around! Complete exclusive helicopter missions to unlock more fantastic copters and become a professional pilot in one of the best police helicopter simulator games. !! The police helicopter flight simulator contains 20 free levels !! Choose between flying in a police helicopter (like Eurocopter, Bell 407, MI8), Military Copters (like Apache or Chinook), Chopper Transport and more in the pilot chair and loudly hold the control stick of a watchful helicopter Fire for water transport turn off fires on buildings and traffic. Use the "Skylift" helicopter to move the load with a powerful super electromagnet.

O Choose the "Apache" helicopter to shoot rockets and fight. Simply the huge map of the open world to find one of the 20 points to launch a mission or fly around and do everything you want freely without going to find a level. Use the minimaface where the spots of the missions are, tap the minimaface to enlarge. DISCOVER many points of interest while explore the enormous open environment of the world.

Rescue people in danger🚨with police helicopters!👮

Fly and look at the attractions like rivers and lakes, an ancient Japanese temple, airport with other aircraft and aircraft, isolated houses and farms, ruins, a campsite and more ... Example of MissionSearch and Mission of Scuoggio, helps save lost people or injured, collect water and extinguish dangerous fires.

Superpertent electromagnet, delimate car transport to the demolition corridor The victims after a car accident empty oxygen cylinders on top of skyscrapers, during a storm to keep up with other police helicopters through all checkpoints as fast as possible, a ship from container with a rocket of magnetfire to remove all objects and cancel the roadhelp finds rungaway farm animals and stolen cars of nightstop and capture all gangsters with your military helifauturshuge open world, full of wide open roads, mountains, canyon , Hills and Forest Helicopter Helicopter SimulationRealistic Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter ModelDynamic Room Angleseasy To Play Driving Controls, use Touch and Tilt Commands! Easily adjust the quality with the Injeking button to play without Gag.Gampickle Studios has developed family games to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values ??and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment. Please visit our HTTPS // privacy policy www.i6.com / MobilePrivacyPolicy /? APPOLICE% 20HELICOPTER% 20FLYING% 20SIMULATOR

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Can you add multiplayer mode? Also, add other helicopters like the FSPrey V-22 and the others. By the way, great game!

You know that other Helicopter Pickle Game games are late for Sez Nan. Please resolve other games. Thanksday ~ .

Very excited to play each section .. it is also very nice to operate all the control options.

This game is incredible to continue not to know what to say good graphics and this is lol

The best game but needs more levels and new helicopters

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