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Get the flight in 6 unique police helicopters in a huge world of the open city, free to explore and maintain peace! Complete a huge collection of mission objectives to be a high pilot and high-ranking police officer. !! With over 20 levels and free game modes !! Choose from special police helicopters, research and rescue, United Nations and other helicopters to fly.

With realistic helicopter flight controls, this fun flying simulator game makes it pleasant and real to fly every helicopter. With a quick and simple mission select, it is very large in the action of one of the 20 missions immediately.

Serve and 🚨 protect 👮 the city 🏙️ in a police helicopter!

This huge OpenWorld city is the perfect place to fly by helicopter and test your flight skills, with high skyscrapers, empty spaces, empty spaces, open areas and much more to explore. PLAYPLAYS MISSIONS AS-HELP People from the tops of a flame building and capture Carsub cars-Sollow and train with other police helicopter drivers-Protect and escort The Stop president and capture military vehicles to hijacked - put out of fires on buildings in Flames - Finish Flying Courses As quickly as possible with Open World City Environment feature to fly and explorerealistic and refined control helicopter ControlSrealistic physics Game Quality helicopters High quality helicoptersMultiple Dynamic Camera Anglesgamepickle Studios has developed games Familyfriendly to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of them age.

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Police Helicopter City Flying user reviews

Very difficult not the same checks control very agile helicopters, I would like to have the same checks in the last four that I flew .Remote and game.

Very nice game and I can't say more

I give you 5 stars because the game has a helicopter who puts a fire on the queen Mary 2

It's so fun to play it. THE MANES ARSHIL. ''

You can't listen to them is the game very good

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