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Jump into the cockpit of the famous Mi24 rear combat helicopter. Start from water and explore beautiful mountains or small towns.

Destroy any building and vehicle, land on the airline to refuel and back. MI24 Hind is the highly realistic flight simulator with a true virtual cockpit, powerful cannon, rockets and missiles including the point of view of the Gunner Mirator.

Jump into the cockpit of the famous Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter. Realistic sim.

Before installing it is necessary to confirm access to the camera and the microphone, but is not used in the app. Don't worry, we're not spying on you.

(Android SDK requires these classes for some reason, but no code uses it current affairs). FeaturesRealistic PhysicsBeautiful GraphicsFriendly App ControlSuniversal App (iPhone & iPad) Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit (pilot and mitrager) Destructible buildings and vehicles (cars etc.)

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Hind - Helicopter Flight Sim user reviews

Incredible .. !!!. Great Work Sir.Pli Please continue to update this game. In the end he found a real simulator and I am extremely happy for this. I wish you all the best for you and I hope to see more realistic simulators from you. Done. Thanks.! I highly recommend to all people who love realistic aircraft simulators.

Great, a chance for those who cannot buy Heli in the complete game to fly again. I have a question for the dev, you think this game has a better graphics etc. Of that complete? Because some things seem different here

Very nice game. I really love it, if I could add ENMY AIRBASE and new maps and. Like the convoys of Humvee love attack and things that would do it. Make the game 1Millikn Times Better

It's worth it. The checks are easy, the free flight is fantastic, it looks so great. I recommend this game. If the devs saw him, add other helicopters like the mil-mi-2t, mil mi 16, mil mi 17 and other helicopters based on mil mi. 10 10 I recommend it.

On ipad this game is the best of all games ...... in your phone this game is not the best ....... how someone else said the buttons are very much for the phone on the phone and l 'Interface is bad ...... This game is not for the machine as if you press the wrong button, all hell could get like destroying Heli. Or worse than you kill you ............... if the development team could add this game to PC !!!!! It would be the best and I like it when using this game you can play on the train (station), home and at the airport ..... however if you can play this game

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