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Hellcopter is a new 3D shooting game.

Jump into your helicopter, take a rifle and totally annihilate those criminals!

Jump into a helicopter and go to a deadly mission! Lock and load the machine gun, target and pull the trigger.

Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all the criminals who occupied the building. He created them with explosives and make film shots! Infinite bullets provided. Are you ready for a little gun?

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HellCopter user reviews

Other Then some adds here and there, this is a fantastic game. I have already recommended this game to some of my friends. This is the helicopter run away. It's my go to the games. I really adore that even an online / offline game. Thank you for great games.

This game is incredibly DUN and compelling ads after each level is a bit annoying, but you can jump like 5-8 seconds. Many people have said that the game crashes when an ad opens but I didn't have to do with it, so this is why I give it 5 stars.

At the beginning, even if the game would be repetitive but after a couple of levels begin to take new guns, new clothes, new helicopters, several bad and events, very funny.

There is a lot of advertising spots but it's a good fun game that shoots people. Even many events are many models of helicopters and gun designs and a good amount of detail.

I want to give 100 stars L as this game so much the song of this game is also perfect for this game. These bullets are so fast. When deleting this game once. After a day Download this game again .. so well. No announcement is my great action game ever. Make games like this. My favorite already say games

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