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Master All helicopters check this fantastic SimCopterHelopter simulator! Incredible 3D models detailed by helicopters and airports, you will be able to master all the skills you need to learn how to take off and land those extraordinary machines! We have created many missions for you, so you can already fly 360 missions and an infinite number of missions you can create! With our flight Fillner tool, you are 100% under control what to do in this flight simulator.

Many cameras will give you complete vision inside and outside you. And they are quite fantastic! Our flight simulator algorithm is very close to reality, so you can really experiment and enjoy like a real fly a helicopter.

SimCopter - Helicopter Simulator makes you a real pilot!

Choose different weather conditions and even if the flight will be during the day or night! Main features18 free and purchased helicopters.

9 different cities, including New York, San Francisco, Paris.360 Created MissionsFlight Planner Tool to create your missions. Dilives scenery, weather conditions and day and night.fly through dangerous places! Very accurate simulation algorithms! We hope you have a fantastic simulator experience! Download now!

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Helicopter Simulator SimCopter 2018 Free user reviews

So good but so many announcements in this game are not upset when I play this game, I imagine that I am a real pilot

The graphics looks interesting, but these guys say they don't download so as to evaluate not download it. Good day

Excellent graphics on my phone 1 yo. You must have a high storage and a good GPU but apart from that excellent game.

Seems to be a game of nyce but the only thing I want to see how the controls are and the changes of time

This game is very good for those who love helicopters and confident controls are difficult but you are used to them very quickly! So 5 stars! Thanks

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