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Become an expert pilot in this fantastic helicopter simulator! Your plane flies to New York City, very detailed in 3D and very live scenery! With cars, trucks and other aircraft flying with you. Be defied from the simulator missions! You will have 2000 missions to play, depending on the helicopter you are using. A third person check to walk in the city with your pilot and explore the details closer.

You will need to be very precise to take off and land, in front of all the problems of the real life of a pilot, how to fly many different helicopters with its own characteristics, the different weather conditions and day and night. The missions include fire and rescue situations, transport of high value assets and VIP person, land in ships, buildings, urban areas such as sports squares, medical roofs and cruise ships. Cruise features. Free and purchased helicopters.

Helicopter Simulator 2017 make you a skilled pilot in this amazing simulator!

And a unlocked special aircraft landed on one of the construction roofs of the city.Huge 3D New York City, very detailed. Diffondo scenario, car, truck, meteorological conditions and flies during the day and night.

3 Control of the person for the pilot. You can also walk on the city! Fantastic! More than 3000 missionstransportation, military, savings and tours MissionSfire and rescue missions collect water from the ocean or from the pools. Rescue of people from fire! Shoot the missiles to targets and save dayfly through dangerous locations! Very accurate simulation algorithms! Enjoy this helicopter simulator, we are always doing our best to give you the best phone experience! Danci your feed back and let us know what you think of our simulator!

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What a great deal of the most popular games and software products in which you can be involved in this category this is good quality and value

I love this game Good graphics and great job

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