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Are you ready for an incredible helicopter flight simulator? On Helicopter Flight Simulator 2016 fly through a huge set of missions, using the best military and civil helicopters during the day or night in realistic weather conditions in New York City.Main characteristic28 Helicopterifives Different weather forecasts, including day and night Valorivole Vehicles scenery And Airplanes Traffic 12240 MissionScareErmiaritaryCastoDletleTelevision BroadcastTrasportCity Tourextra Scoregansanty Missions including targetSFire movement missiles and rescuetime attack and fly through dangerous locationsstransport weapons, passenger vip, skydivers and cargo. Free to contact us to give your feedback, have a nice flight!

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I like this game because I am in us are so all the US guys will like this game so much so much so I will work so much and I will pay more and more and I will become the list of crazy players play ii don't like time games but this he has no time but this has more than the helicopter who is 2016

Nice game but when we are moving our screen moves

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