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Join Hellfire Squadron and launches the attack to the most modern deadly threats.

Precisely guide your multiple helicopter, demolish enemy defenses and let the raiders land in enemy bases.

Join HELLFIRE SQUADRON and launch the attack on the most modern deadly threats.

Tactics, flight capacity and the right amount of ruthlessness in attacks are fundamental to complete the long and engaging campaign against the mysterious secret organization.

You're in command of the helicopter and in real time you will have to carefully govern the powerful machine gun available on board, take the right countermeasures against enemy attacks and launch the devastating missiles on the goals. Choose the best strategy to win! Three difficulty levels, five scenarios, free flights, 24 missions and 90 challenges will offer hours of fun! Features5 Scenarios (1 additional included) 30 missions (6 additional included) 90 challenges of which 5 as world competition (18 included) FREE flight with customizable meteorological conditions Collective aircraft control, pedals / helm, machine gun with dedicated view, missiles and rockets / Chaffs Scenarios DeploymentsMersives with buildings, structures, vehicles, ships and aircraftreplay of all Flight and combat associations and trophies

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I love this game, and it costs $ 300 for all levels, however; It has not been updated from 2018! Please update and add new levels. Otherwise, incredible graphics, funny missions and high relayability!

It could be better if adding additional creator AI and additional mission needs new land and earth forces such as humble and trucks just to recreate the black Hawk Down accident and yours you have the chance to add to your self-placed and add RPG points to the enemy earth forces and needs miniguns 2 every capacity of the door to see the pilots and cannoc of the door and the ability to add Roper and ability to open and close the doors whenever you want and you are turned to the rotor of Queue you will turn control

The game has fantastic graphics and is more realistic than other simulation games. The custom controls amazes me because it is as simple as driving a car and at the same time you want to be inside the cockpit. Dry for me this is the best Android simulation never created.

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Railway station M.01 (hard) Unable to get 3 stars. Hydroelectric power M.04 itself. The bacteria control center is impossible to get 1 star, landing is impossible to the elipad. Many levels have errors. Expect to max at 349/360 stars.

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