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Enjoy carrier operations, landings and combat missions starting from USS Nimitz. Choose Gunship Helicopter and participate in Warzone in Afghanistan or Vietnam Battlefield. In Air Cavalry Flight Simulator you are a helicopter pilot, gunner, fighter, rescue or transport pilot. Air Cavalry Flight Simulator is the most realistic helicopter game available for mobile.

!!!! Requirements !!!! App needs devices with 2 GB RAM memory and more to run CarattoryApp can crash with lower memory devices / you can close other running apps to clear the memory before playing devices with Android 8.0 and Geadget in the cockpit of Android 8.0 The Chopper Gunship and Fly Apache, Chinook or other most advanced helicopters in the world, including the black hawk uh60, MV22B Osprey, Ch47 Chinook, AH64 Apache, UH1 Iroquois, OH6 Cayuse, Ah1z Cobra, Ch53 Super Stallion, Eurocopter Tiger, Kiowa Warrior, Mi24 Hind, Ka50 Black Shark or Hip Helicopter Hip in various regional environments, building on your skills and flight experience. Enjoy the infinite flight in legendary helicopters like a true combat driver. Immersive sim gameplayous will experience the flight in a famous combat and rescue aircraft.

Top #1 helicopter flight simulator! Fly with combat helicopters as a real pilot.

Test your pilot skills of the precision helicopter, fight the skills of the mitragreeters and your strategy planning. Huge collection of AircraftShis Flight SIM / GAME offers aircraft / types of famous chopper such as Chinook, Cobra, Huey, Huey, Apache Longbow, back and super modern aircraft such as Blackhawk, Stealth Hawk, V22 Osprey, Tiger, Kiowa and more. From 18 years Choppers at this time. Different locations in this game Chopper you will fly in Afghanistan, snow environment with huge mountains, desert, Vietnam Forrests, large cities or ops vector in the middle of the ocean.

Air Cavalry Helicopter Flight Simulator Game offers a NextGen console as quality graphics, definitive physics of aircraft and weapons. Join at vector operations on USS Nimitz or Admiral Kuznetsov! Fight and rescue in Afghanistan or Vietnam! Use your radar flight and weapons systems for engaging buildings and moving vehicles. (tanks, cars, boats, airplanes ...) Features18 Aircraft (more in development) Support operations on USS Nimitz CVN 68Transport Operations with CH47 Chinook or CH53 Super Stallion Helicoptersapache Front (gunners) and rear seat (pilot) PositionIsMultiple Environments RegionALALFuel And Rearm Air Aircraft To continue Volisestorable BuildingsRealistic 3D Cockpits Virtual Management of Armirealistics and Destination Systems Armirealistic Systems Physical Engine End Much more In development The continuous development of our advanced helicopter simulator will bring new aircraft and missions, then check often! If you are looking for the most complex helicopter game Get Air Cavalry Flight Simulator!

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I love the game. I used the Pro version on iPhone 6s. It would be nice if we had the pro version on both ios and Android rather than only iOS devices alone. And the Pro version is the fresh cause for every 6 or 7 dollars spent on the pro version that everyone buys it, you know how to get free updates and aircraft, so it would be nice to see the pro version. All in all, great game

Excellent SIM) Please take into consideration the addition of a cursor for the queue rotor and the option to be performed at 60 fps and tweak graphics. It would be great if you have also made the campaigns guided by stories like the old novinalogic comanches games and add loadout customization including air to air. The best symbol of helicopter fighting on the game store and can be even better

Everything is very good. PLZ Add the entire mobile effect of the rotor. Add a little helicopter like-mi 26 heavy elevator, Mi17, Kamov Ka 226, Indian light combat helicopter, Euro Copter MH65 Cost Guard, add some mission as rescue missions, freight transport., Some other copes of attack used in Europe. .

I love this game. It could be better though. The best controls and the release of weapons easier would make it excellent. The graphics is good good. I would recommend this

This game is fantastic but the problems are the game needs money and I don't like it when the map and the helicopter were stuck, but the game is still exceptional, so unlock all the plz so that people will be happy now

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