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Take the flight of some incredible rescue helicopters in a huge environment ready to explore, full of forests, canyons, hills and mountains; More than 16 km≤ of area to fly around! Complete tons of unique missions to become a professional helicopter pilot. !! Helicopter save simulator contains 20 free levels !! Choose between flying in a military policeman (like Apache or MI8), the Copter (such as Bell, Hughes, Ecureuil), transport chopper and more. Behind the control stick of a firefighter helicopter to carry water and extinguish fires.

Use the "Skylift" helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet. Choose the "Apache" helicopter to fire Rockets and fight. Pull the map to find one of the 20 points to launch a mission, or you can fly around and do everything you want freely.

Help save lives in a rescue helicopter!

The minimappa helps you know where the points of the missions are. As and explore this huge environment full of a lot of points of interest to discover and see attractions such as rivers and lakes, an ancient Japanese temple, airport with other aircraft and aircraft, Isolated houses and farms, ruins, a campsite and more.

.. example of missionswinching upuse your copter to save peopleforest and build fireget a little water and extinguish the fire.transport wreckgrab the old machine with your electromagnet and go to the wreck yardhelp the victims after an incidentone for car the cylinders of Empty oxygen on top of the mountain, during a tempondering to keep up with the helicopter and 4x4 (SUV) during the police in Chasisgo through all the checkpoints as fast as possible, a container ship with a magnetfire rocket to remove all Objects and deleting truckles on a moving boat and a mobile truck and a mobile truck and capture all the gangsters with your Helifature militaryHuguge open world, full of wide open roads, mountains, canyons, hills and realistic forestry simulationrealistic Flight flighysha Chopperdynamic quality Antisensive camera to play driving controls, use touch and tilt commands! You can adjust the quality button play without delay.

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A good game, running on a pixel 2, graphics is a good quality game that is not slows down when you play and make it argued. The controls work, they would kindly expand the size of them, a nice selection of helicopters and looks good but, regardless of the statistics of the helicopters, there is not much difference in the real checks. It is frustrating to try to find all the hidden beginnings that I spent hours searching for them and obtained only 5 of 10 in every world.

Best helicopter game I never played. Performs smooth and perfect. I really love him. I await a larger version for new smartphones. Once again this is the only game I played with deep heart. Everything in this game is extremely perfect from the controls to the environment. Nice work boys. Keep it on nd don not to forget the biggest version.

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This is an excellent game in all the features ... except an event, how about other levels? Or different landscapes, like cities? These are very small problems, I will continue to play! Keep it up.

Nice game but put in a helicopter Goods but nice game to play Continue the good work –ˇ '

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