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Take the flight in incredible remote helicoptersecks in a huge office office environment ready to explore, full of tons of areas to play new new helicopter missions, copter flying stunts, and more to fly around! Complete tons of unique missions to become a professional R.C. Helicopter pilot !! The flight simulator of the RC helicopter comes with more than 20 free flight levels !! Choose from a vast selection of helicopters to fly. Fly in a military florlis (like Apache or Mi8), Civil Helicopter (such as Bell, Hughes, Ecureuil), Choppers Transport and more.

Take control of the cycle of a fire prevention helicopter to carry water and extinguish infuriated fires. Use the "Skylift" helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet. Helicopter in the helicopter "Apache" to shoot rockets and fight the tanks of the enemy army. The action of each of the 24 unique levels, complete every mission and tries to obtain a 3-star ranking on each of the levels. Put your helicopter skills for the test and demonstrate your best RC helicopter pilot in the office.

Ready for the ultimate R.C. sim? Join now to fly fast R.C. helicopters!

Example of MissionSwinching Up Use your copter to save the peoplefire danger Collect a little water and extinguish the fire.Rubbish CollectGrab the garbage with your electromagnet and recycle stolen R.C. The racing cars hidden around the umbia to keep up with the helicopter and other R.C.

Racing cars during Chasisgo through all the embracome checkpoints from possibelift home appliances heavy office equipment to explode the enemy Army Tanks and more! FeaturesBig Big Big Office Office Workplace Environment To fly around! Realistic Flying SimulationRealistic Flight PhysicShigh Quality Quality Chopperdynamic Physyseasy To Play Flight Controls, USA Touch and Tilt Controls! You can adjust the Quality button to play without Gag.GamePickle Studios developed familyfriendly games to enjoy from everyone, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values ??and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment. Please visit our HTTPS // privacy policy www.i6.com / MobilePrivacyPolicy /? AppHelicopter% 20RC% 20Flying% 20Simulator

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