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Blow your opponent to pixels in this tactical helicopter dogfight game!

Hostility of the helicopter is a tactical and unique action game where you duel your opponents in explosive dogfights. Play against a friend on a shared screen or deal with the CPU in a set of short duels and action. The current version includes the following Helicotteroh64 (USA), Mi28 (Russia), Z10 (China), UH60 (USA), Tiger (France), Mi24 (Russia), AH1Z (USA), Hallch (India)

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Helicopter Hostility user reviews

They have fun at the beginning, but after boredom, but when it spends some time, it's fun again, especially after another game and along the way.

Excellent, but you can add other modalities such as survival, etc. And you can add other helis and buttons-up and down or a joystick please ... will help everyone play the game ..

Hi, I want to tell you that if you are all from Dreamon, you know about Gladi Hoppers, if you know, I searched by the browser, so it was done by all of you. When I searched so that it wasn't in play. ? But this fame is wonderful. Thanks

great job add a personalized helicopter thing so you can create our own

Very fun to play with homies.

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