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Join the exciting new flight feeling while flights into incredible rescue helicopters and drive fast sports cars! Explore the huge environment, full of forests, deserts, towns and mountains; More than 16 km of the area to fly and go around in one of the best helicopter flight simulators! Compete in tons of unique quests to become a professional helicopter pilot. !! The Flying Simulator Auto helicopter contains fantastic free missions and unlimited gameplay action !! Fly and drive from a wide range of helicopters and cars; Choose between flying and rescue helicopter (such as Bell 412 or AS365), civil copter (like MD500, Hughes, Ecureuil), shipping chopper and more to fly. Grasp the flight and help save people in a fire rescue helicopter to carry water and extinguish the fures.Transport broke vehicles to the scrapyard with your helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet. Choose the "Apache" helicopter to shoot rockets and cancel the debris road.

Explore the expansive world to find one of the many heliports to launch a mission, or you can fly or drive your cars and do anything you want freely. Take the open road around the winding roads around the mountains or take your helicopter and fly over them. Explore the wonders and possibilities in one of the best helicopter flight simulators today! The minimap helps you know where the mission spots are. Missions.Real auto fuel injection engines carry realistic experiences of the automobile simulator, enjoy many points of interest to find out. Customize your car with each Cool unlock gained through the gameplay.

Fly rescue helicopters and drive fast sports cars!🚗

Driving in off-road or looking for skies to see attractions such as rivers and lakes, ancient ruins, airports with other aircraft and aircraft, isolated houses and farms, city, a campsite and more ... Example of hikers missioners on the mountains. Firefighter Water Collect And extinguish lit fires.

TRANSPORT WRECK grabs the old machine with your electromagnet and go to the wreck Yardhelp the victims after an enchanting inclamation the empty oxygen cylinders at the top of the mountain, during a tempstrarace through the checkpoints quickly as you can get a container ship with a rocket of Magnetfire to remove all the objects and delete the truckle your helicopter on a moving boat and moving trucksstop and captures all the bad pilots before explorations of the open world, full of open roads, mountains, towns, hills and forests and flying and Drive simulative in flight and car guide cars with customization tools. High quality and car modelnamic cars Angleseasy camera to play driving checks, use touch and tilt commands! You can adjust the Quality button to play without LAG in the PAUSE.Gampickle menu Development of family games to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values ??and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment. Please visit our HTTPS // privacy policy www.i6.com / MobilePrivacyPolicy /? AppHelicopter% 20Flying% 20Simulator% 20car% 20Driving

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Vary fun and interesting game right now, I'm doing many missions to get that bread that you already know I have to keep moving and I'm trying to get this cold aircraft for about 9 g, but I'm almost there and my point is that when you have a goal you want to complete the games in a game will always be funny but if you download it only to fly, then the game is not for you because yours will be bored but if you have goals in the game is the fun Hella work '

The game is amazing the graphics are fantastic I love the sound effects with the nitro push on the mustang and the sounds that the rotor blades make on the copter although in the future update I would love me if you allow us to drive the place because you want to drive the jumbo jet to the Airport you generated, but the game is still wonderful!

This game is so beautiful, because it has so many cars and helicopters. I enjoy this game. To make more games like this game. And thanks Game Manager.

This game is so beautiful, because it has so many cars and helicopters. I enjoy this game. Please take more games like this game.

Done funny after completing all missions, helis and cars, you can drive traffic ps the civilian lamborghini is so slow

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