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Prepare to make real helicopters fly in one of the best helicopter flight simulator experiences available now! Explore a huge OpenWorld scenery from the sky and the ground below in a wide range of vehicles to fly and drive. From helicopters to airplanes, to cars to boats, and much more! Try Allnew basic jump activities, go to high points in the World Jumpoff with exciting paragliding! Why not get to even higher heights in your helicopter and get the world record by jumping out and opening your parachute! Play the Flying Flying Driving Simulator and car right here! Explore high-resolution scenarios and airports with satellite maps, 3D buildings, catwalks, air traffic, weather conditions and real volumetric clouds. More than 150 km of the area !!! Helicopter flight pilot simulator is the latest helicopter flight simulation with 20 free levels !! One of Heli's best simulator games with dynamic weather conditions; Fly through light blue skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence and real volumetric clouds 3D! Flights and aircraft helicopters through the huge OpenWorld environment and explore its unique positions.

Remove from multiple airports, commuters from international airports to small country airports and airplane spread all over the world! With tons of exciting points of interest to visit, from the air or road, and even all new marine vehicles such as boats and jetskis, you have the maximum freedom to explore anywhere around the world! Fast car guide on the open roads, from 2x2 lanes to the very small off-road mountains road, with a hilly and canyon climb. Explore the world Not only flying, but with the real experiences of car driving simulator! Participate in the flight levels of the helicopter by walking in mission markers located all over the world. Just enter the marker to start the mission like any openworld style family gameplay.

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Use the useful minic to know where the points of the missions are. Expand to see the entire map by pressing on it. Fly through OpenWorld and explore for hours in one of the best flying plane simulation games! Fried action missions! Random flight problems (landing gear problems, engine failure, etc.

) To test the real situations of jump pilotagebase from the top of the mountains on landing Padstrasport very important PasseggersCellear the road to traffic from the sky with RocketStransport broken down vehicles at the Scrapyard! Put out focus with the fire action! Fly through all the checkpoints PossibleStop criminals who steal planes in police vs. robbers flyinglearn to fly a real helicopter in an authentic process of landing flight simulation simulation in aircraft and iaricopterControl your plane during one Stormrace against helicopters, boats and other! Earth your plane during a FailureaturesWeather engine Clear, thunderstorms, snowday and night Helicopter Cycletrue 3D Volumetric Cloud Systemflight TurbulenceAlistic and flight PHYSICSALLNEW Driving boat and water motorcycles ExperienceSintuitive Flying Controls Buttons, Joystick, or accelerometersVehicle Blocks and smoke Effects Of Light And Sounds Effects.dynamic To Recreate Realistic Experienc Ehighquality World Ambuts With High Resolution Satellite Imagery Realistic Airplane Realistic Airplane. Cameras plant on board to get every corner of Jethiuge selection of aircraft and new airlinthrillseeker base jump activities! Easily OpenWorld Simulatorial driving of roads to drift and drive and make stunts (distance, altitude, etc.) Environments Interactive interactive wells and ControlSyou can adjust the Quality button to play without delay. The last one of the best challenging games. Become the latest helicopter flying pilot in the game sensation of Allnew Simulator, pilot helicopter flying simulator!

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Enjoying free roaming this game offer. Completed all missions and hunting for the last hidden star (must be invisible). The use of the Apache helicopter in Cockpit View offers the best unstopped views. The money to buy alternative vehicles and characters is easy to earn. It would be nice to have lifting or fires to extinguish in wandering free. Major maps and missions would be as big as the first 20 missions and most of the hidden stars are fast to complete. Overall a really nice game. Very good.

Fantastic fun offline at any time, loves planes, cars, helicopters, boats and even running on foot. This is a fun relaxing sandbox. Thanks special to the developers of such a fantastic game.

I love the game a lot but you can update it as you add other planes, cars, helicopters and boats because I have 2m in this game. But I don't know where to spend it. Because I've already bought everything in this game.

I love this version because you have aated helicopter and the boat in the next version Add some combat and turbochrote planes and Cinook helicopter and add the f-16 fighting plane to drive and add other levels so that the game is good and add Other plans, helicopters, boats and cars and Hover Craft '''''

I love the game it's so fun and a lot of vehicles, but I have to recommend you have this game a realistic graphics and it's so beautiful and beautiful if you drive a helicopter as you can drive like a real pilot unit and the map is so pretty ..

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