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Prepare for some brutal shooting action! Rain down Fiery Vengeancefrom above in this Terzaperson Fastced helicopter shooter where you are on a mission to save the hostage from Zombi, gangster, cylinders and enemy fighters. Keep your eyes peeled and your ingenuity on you, and don't stop stopping shooting until you skip for security in this easytoplay auction game where only faster and deadlestidium. Mayhem Hyperbutale, Hyperentariting Hylicopter that threatens you return to come back more time after time. Save me! Help the hostage escape by opening the infinite flow of trackers behind her.

Use explosives and other ingame objects to extract multiple enemies or rely on fantasy shooting to eliminate as more bad ones you can. Excells the destruction on the enemy, but make sure you haven't hit the hostage by mistake. When the game gets hard, the hard to go slowmo. When zombies are breathing the neck of Hapeless hostage at critical moments in the game, the weather slows down to help you cope.

Save the hostage! Use the Helicopter's maximum Firepower to Destroy the enemies

Take your time, destroy your enemies and save the hostage! Various and exciting levels of gameplay action alternate between the roofs of roofs and construction attacks with more armed enemies that try to tackle. Only the most acute shooters will survive, so he will look at your corners and get exploded to destroy the floor after the bad boom. There are an entire exciting range of enemies to destroy, and some of them still shoot backwards, then shield before your start to be sure to be able to survive and save the hostage. Complete levels to update guns, dress and helicopter and helicopter, and advance through city districts to reach fantastic boss levels with extra prizes.

Try the guns, hunting rifles, assault rifles, smg and even rocket pitchers to find the gun that helps you put an end to most zombies . Extra-pacial crazy levels offer an alternative anti-fast at the regular gameplay, with guns that shoot cats, sheep, paints and a whole pile of other strange and wonderful options to illuminate your game. Fresh graphics, exotic settings, a soundtrack of tensionbuilding and elegant camera corners give the game an exciting cinematographic feeling. Keep enemy hordes in Bay and watch the jump of your helicopter's safety hosting in a beautifully satisfying slow motion. Rotating blades and burning guns looking for fast and casual shooting fun? Escape 3D helicopter combines the best of exciting action gameplay and easy accessibility. Do you have five minutes when shooting? How about destroying some zombies and save a bridesmaid in difficulty? Download Helicopter Escape 3D now and have fun in infinitely funny 3D pandemonium shooter that is guaranteed to dissipate the boredom and illuminate your day!

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5 stars only therefore the truth is not buried. 5 for the game. 1 For theft. It's a fun game, as long as the developers start stealing money from you. Glitchy levels in which it is impossible to play and there is no way around to make you use the shields. The glitch has not started until after giving up and purchased with real money. Magically the problem of the problem that will not solve or even recognize it presents and tells that the games range from fantastic thieves of Scumbag.

So far it's quite fun. Music is worth it alone. There are announcements that I saw but the music makes the wait not so difficult. I just started playing, I'll update if I find anything. Developers. I love music guys. Good job.

Fun game! Graphics is dynamic, smooth and the action is compelling. The only complaint that I have is that upon completion of a level, when two new guns are available for purchase, there are no statistics listed for those guns. I have no idea what the level of damage and the count of ammunition for those guns until after the fact. This essentially forces the player to buy them blind.

Even more fun than the original from the copter. By giving it 5 stars, even with the occasional corner of the glitch camera on some levels, making it difficult to see where to shoot while the enemies are hidden in the hill or part of the road. Apart from this is a fun game and I especially like running hostage levels.

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