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Help your colleagues army soldiers and fly true military military helicopters in a massive open desert environment ready to explore; More than 16 km of area to fly around! Fly around and take part in the unique top secret missions to unlock even more cool army helicopters and become a professional air force pilot in one of the best army elucer simulator games. !! Helicopter army simulator contains 20 military operations !! Choose from a wide range of rescue, police helicopters and more! Fly in the cockpit of a hangar full of military copters like AH64 Apache, Ch47 Chinook or MIL MI8, and even more! Help the others in danger of being a part-time firefighter. Grab the flight stick to carry water gallons and extinguish village fires.

Help and transport army vehicles like the tank helicopter, moves objects with an excellent powerful electromagnetic. Appliances Blow up Block-up on the road To escort Humvee convoys safely back to the base with the Apache helicopter to set up the target lock missiles. Freeely explores the huge desert to locate one of the 20 helicopter flight missions, or fly around and do whatever you want.

Serve the military 🎖️ air force and help ⛑️ soldiers in army 🔫 helicopters

You have the possibility to do anything you want in one of the best aircraft helicopter simulator flying games open! Use the minimapability of the game to assist you with missions spots, expand by touching it on it. Simple from the sky above the huge offroad desert environment full of lots of points of interest to find out. Example of missionisearch and rescue uses your helicopter to save soliersFirefix collect water and extinguish the fires village.

Transport vehicles carry tanks and humvee with powerful electromagnetsblow up road blocks to protect military convogents traveling the load of ammunition at the top of the mountain your helicopter skills with flight courses through all checkpoints faster quickly as possible to the desert for their rockets of their destinationsfire remove dangerous criminals to tankslanding on a moving container shipslocate cargo stolen cargo using the night visionfeatureurershuge desert open world helicopter helicopter garden fly simulationrealistic helicopter flight physicshe quality quality military choppers, used in the current TOURSYNAMIC Army Angleseasy Room To Play Flight Controls, use Touch and Tilt Commands! You can adjust the Quality button to play without Gag.Gampickle Studios developed family games to enjoy from everyone, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values ??and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment. Please visit our HTTPS // privacy policy www.i6.com / MobilePrivacyPolicy /? AppHelicopter% 20army% 20Simulator

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This is my favorite helicopter simulator I like the controls I like when there is no music in a simulator because when there is music it type of distraction

This game is a true army simulator. I love it.I I really like helicopters. Some helicopter levels is difficult.500K downloaded this game. I also downloaded this game. I like Army became an army officer who completes all missions. Thanks Ratr this game.JAI posteriori. The graphics of this game is excellent. The controls of this game are very good. Request all countries to download this heli opter army simulator. This game very high and exceptional mental and fantastic broing. R

Fresh enough though and you should change the map in a map of the city and you can make a game just like this, but it's full of jets and stuff also the free mode even if so I can redo that jet in modern warfare 2 keep in mind that I love this game 5 stars to all peace!

The controls are smooth, fairly low graphics and I like helicopters, idk on you, but I'm sure you will like ...

It's not so bad but add even more maps I played this game for 1 year pls Add more maps and newer helicopters

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